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Welcome to Scouting for another year.  This blog is maintained for Central Escarpment Council and its’ Areas.  Using the categories to the right you can quickly find information of interest to you.  For contact information see the ‘About & Contact Us’ link above.  You can return to this home page at any time by clicking on ‘Home’ above.  Great Scouting!

Important Web Shortcuts in CEC

If you’re looking for HELP on www.scouts.ca or www.myscouts.ca you may find it useful to visit the Zendesk knowledge base. It’s linked directly on the myscouts.ca site, but you can reference it any time at https://myscouts.zendesk.com/forums .

CEC Summer Nights – July 12th

Join us this Wednesday July 12th for a Summer Night at Camp Everton

Who: All active Scouts and their Immediate Family

Events: Arrive / Greet >> Hike / Activity(s) >> Campfire >> Mug Up* >> STEM star/ moon viewing Time(s): About 7:00 PM until dusk 9:00 PM /dark 9:30 PM

* Bring own mug (We’re leave no trace) & refreshment

Cost: Free (Yes, No charge)

Let us know you are coming @ cec_marketing@scouter.ca Info only NO REPLY(S)

Weather Permitting


Wellington Area is pleased to be able to offer summer programming to Groups in Central Escarpment Council.

Section events will take place at Barber Scout Camp and include a variety of Activities. Activities for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts require that the Youth bring a parent. Scouters at these events will be providing programming and will not be expected to supervise youth who attend.


When: August 9, 6:30pm
Where: Barber Scout Camp
Activity: 26th Scout Group will be providing an evening of activities for Beavers ending with a campfire. Come join us for a summer meeting and meet other Beavers in Wellington Area.

When: August 12, 9:30am to approximately 12:30
Where: Barber Scout Camp
Activity: Join Wellington Area Beavers and Crystal Allan from the Grand River Conservation Authority on an exploration of the Eramosa River to search for fish, crayfish and other aquatic creatures. You’ll help catch and identify several species of minnows and darters, learn how to tell the difference between male and female crayfish, and explore different river habitats to collect aquatic bugs.
Several nets and containers will be available however if you have a net or bug container please bring it along. Youth and parents will be in the water so appropriate footwear is required: closed-toed water shoes, rubber boots or old running shoes. A change of dry clothes and a towel is also highly recommended.

This activity will be limited to a maximum of 25 youth so reserve your spot early at wsummerprogram@gmail.com Put Beavers in the subject line.


When: August 14th, 7:00pm
Where: Barber Scout Camp
Activity: Join the 3rd Guelph Pack Team in an evening of activities and games designed for youth of Cub age. Bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to have a good time.


When: August 2nd, 7:00pm
Where: Barber Scout Camp
Activity: Area Adventure Team members Logan and Brad will be holding an evening of activities designed for Venturers. Come out and meet other Venturers who share your interest in Scouting. Please bring a mess kit and songs/skits/cheers.



Wellington Area is pleased to be able to offer summer programming to Groups in Central Escarpment Council for members of all ages – from Beaver right through to the experienced Scouters.

Activities for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts require that the Youth bring a parent. Scouters at these events will be providing programming and will not be expected to supervise youth who attend.


In our “Programming for All Ages” events we have 3 events for registered youth of all ages.


When: Saturday July 29th
Time: 1:30pm
Where: Meet at the Band shell Parking lot of Riverside Park
Activity: Join Peter as he leads a hike for all ages. Activities will incorporate some tree, wildflower and insect identification. Bring with you good Hiking footwear, Quick snacks, Water, Bug spray. We will need the assistance of additional Scouters if you are interested in helping us out, contact us and let us know you can lend a hand.


When: Saturday August 19
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm (approximately)
Where: Barber Scout Camp
Activity: On August 19th join Matt Pitman and his team for a day of constructing and launching your own rockets. There is a $15.00 cost for this activity to cover the cost of the rockets to anyone who wishes to build a rocket. There is no charge for Parents who are only there to help their child. We will provide you lunch. Numbers are limited so if you are interested in joining us please, reserve your spot at wsummerprogram@gmail.com and give us the name and email of those attending and how many of you will be building your own rocket. Please put ROCKETS in the subject line. Numbers will be limited and in order to order the rocket kits, registration will close August 1.


When: Tuesday August 22
Time: 7:00pm
Where: Cuscaro House, Barber Scout Camp
Activity: Our summer programing will culminate on August 22 with an evening of knots at Barber Scout Camp with Bent Anderson, a master of knots, who will show how to tie both functional and decorative knots. There is no cost for this event, all supplies will be provided.


Don’t forget to mark these events on your calendar and plan to join us. We are always in need of help so if you are interested in helping us make these events a success please contact me at the email below.

Youth Development Weekend – Coming Soon!

Save the date for the CEC Youth Development Weekend! Taking place October 14th and 15th at Blue Springs, there will be two great back-to-back youth development opportunities!

October 14th – Scoutcraft Outdoor Adventure Skills Workshop
This workshop will be an opportunity for any youth from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts to drop-in and develop their Scoutcraft skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tied a reef knot before or if you’re a seasoned pro and can lash together a shelter in no time – this workshop will be a chance for every youth to learn something new!

October 15th – FLEX Training (New and Improved!)
FLEX is the leadership development course designed for Cub Scouts, and we’ve got a new updated program ready! FLEX is a for-youth, by-youth training program delivered by Venturer and Rover Scouts.

Stay tuned for more details, including registration information coming soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alexander Court (alex.court@scouts.ca).

We’re also looking for any youth and Scouters to help mentor some of the Scoutcraft skills, as well as Venturer and Rover Scouts interested in being facilitators for the FLEX Course. Please let us know if you’re interested!

2017 CEC Elections – Results

In accordance with Section 1014 of BP&P, Central Escarpment Council, Scouts Canada has to elect three (3) voting representatives for the Scouts Canada Annual Meeting; two (2) Voting Members at Large and one (1) Youth Voting Member.

In the event that the Deputy Elections Officer does not receive three or more valid nominations, at least one of which is for a youth, for the available positions, the Deputy Elections Officer shall inform the Chief Elections Officer that a vacancy exists for the position for which insufficient valid nominations have been received.

Upon being informed that a vacancy exists, and if he or she is satisfied that the notice of election provisions of this Policy have been complied with, the Chief Elections Officer shall appoint the following to fill the vacancies

  • Council Youth Commissioner (Deanna Di Vitto)
  • Council Commissioner (David Frederick)
  • The position shall remain vacant until the following year’s election.

For more information, please contact your Deputy Elections Officer or the Scouts Canada Chief Elections Officer Chris Pike cpike@scouts.ca

For Central Escarpment Council, the Deputy Elections Officer is David Wiebe and can be reached at cec_elections@scouts.ca

Scouting Life: LET’S CELEBRATE CANADA 150! Like a Scout.

This was originally posted on the Scouting Life blog http://www.scoutinglife.ca/2017/06/lets-celebrate-canada-150-like-scout/ by Jayne Robertson

It’s exciting to be a part of something, don’t you think? Feeling part of something important is what has kept me coming back to Scouting for years growing up — all those Adventures with my friends, those are memories I get to keep forever. Even now, as an adult, I know that I am part of something larger than myself: an organization that I can give as much to as I want to get back. And I get to watch Youth experience their Adventures that keep me motivated to experience more. When you think about it, it’s kind of awesome.

This year, Canada is turning 150 years old, which is incredible. There’s even a word for it that will probably take you 150 years to pronounce: sesquicentennial! Try saying that 150 times fast! But even if you can’t pronounce it, that’s even older than Scouting in Canada. Ever since Scouts Canada was founded in 1914 it has been an integral part of our nation, helping to teach our youth to be helpful and capable citizens in a country we should be proud to celebrate. And so the fact that Canada is turning 150 years old next week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate as only Scouts can! Why not celebrate with 150 themed adventures like a 150 km hike (ok, maybe several hikes totaling 150 km), or performing 150 hours of community service, or even planting 150 trees? You could even eat 150 hot dogs at your next camp, but I would highly recommend that you accomplish this as a Group — don’t try to do it by yourself!

Remember (I’m thinking of the 133rd hot dog here) — there is strength in numbers, and that is one of the reasons why Canada is something to celebrate. We all get to experience this 150th year together, and we all got here together  thanks to our parents and our parents’ parents, and yes even their parents — everyone has made it possible. So there is a lot to remember and to celebrate. And to help you and your group celebrate Canada’s mighty sesquicentennial (you’re still trying to pronounce it aren’t you) Scouts Canada has prepared this terrific guide that is full of ideas to help you and your Group celebrate all things Canada as our great nation turns 150 years old.

The post LET’S CELEBRATE CANADA 150! Like a Scout. appeared first on Scouting Life.

Thanking A Volunteer Directly Through Myscouts.ca

Did you know?

You can ‘Thank’ someone directly to their volunteer profile through myscouts.ca

  • Log into your myscouts.ca account
  • Find the person you want to recognize in myscouts.ca
    • For example, use the ‘Find an Individual’ link, or Navigate through your Section to the person’s record.
  • On the left-hand side under Admin Options, click the ‘Add Commendation’ link.  The ‘Add Commendation’ modal dialog box will pop up.
    • The Individual Name field should already be filled in with the person you are recognizing.
    • In the Application Date, fill in the approximate date of service you are recognizing them for (for example, the date of the meeting, activity or event), or fill in today’s date if you don’t know.
    • In the Comments field, describe in 3-4 sentences the outstanding act or service the person has performed and the impact on you, the Youth or the community.  You have 450 characters to work with.
    • Leave the Recognition Name as ‘Certificate of Commendation’
    • In the Nominator Field, put in the name of the person making the commendation.  If you wish, you could add the relationship to the person being recognized in brackets.  For example,
      • Linus van Pelt (Fellow Scouter)
      • Woodstock (Cub Scout)
      • Big Bird (Parent)
    • Click Save to send the commendation on for approval.

Note – the Application Date, Comments and Nominator fields are used the same way as if you had entered the commendation through the www.scouts.ca/thanks website and will appear on the Commendation Letter.  By adding the commendation through myscouts.ca, there’s no confusion which person the commendation is being made for, and the approval process will be faster.


Albert Fuchigami
Central Escarpment Council Support Team

Congratulations to the 2017 Award Recipients!

On Sunday, June 11th, 2017, Central Escarpment Council held its annual Council Youth Recognition Ceremony to recognize youth in the council for their fantastic achievements throughout the past year.

This year, we had a total of 31 Chief Scout Award achievers, 15 Queen’s Venturer Award achievers, and 3 Medal of the Maple achievers. We were honoured to have John Estrella, the National Commissioner, and Mahfuz Chowdhury come out to join us. John spoke about how Scouting had impacted his life and made his relationships with his kids so much stronger. He encouraged the youth and adults to get more involved with the organization, finding their volunteering “fit” – whether that be at a group, area, or council level. Mahfuz was our guest speaker, and he spoke to the youth (and parents) in the room about finding your “why” and how you can harness your passion, drive, and experiences to succeed in life. Thanks so much to John and Mahfuz for joining us on this special occasion!

Group photo of the 2016-2017 award recipients.

We also had a special activity this year – all the youth were given a BINGO card after the ceremony, and encouraged to network with the other award winners to fill in two rows of the BINGO cards. The four youth who completed the BINGO card first won a Starbucks giftcard. Congratulations to those youth, and to all the other youth who worked hard to complete the card. I really appreciate that you all took some time to meet other youth and got to know them. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting youth events in the future!

I would like to extend another congratulations and large round of applause to all the youth who were recognized this past Sunday. It was amazing getting to know some of you after the ceremony, and I was able to see everyone’s kindness and determination. Your hard work and effort does not go unnoticed, and your commitment to achieve these awards is extraordinary. I hope you are all proud of what you have accomplished. I wish everyone continued success in their future endeavors and upcoming adventures!

Yours in Scouting,

Deanna Di Vito

Central Escarpment Council Youth Commissioner


Congratulations to the Medal of the Maple recipients!

Wow! This year (so far) we were so lucky to have three Medal of the Maple recipients in Central Escarpment Council.

Congratulations to Ian Hope from 4th Trafalgar, and Hossam Ibrahim and Peter Smyth from 1st Erindale on receiving the Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service!

For those who do not know, the Medal of the Maple is a by youth, for youth award, created by the National Youth Committee. It was introduced to represent the importance of youth in the Scouting movement. The Medal of the Maple is awarded to youth who have significantly contributed to the Scouting movement and demonstrates the spirit of Scouting through community service and in their day to day life. Read more about the award here. Anyone can submit an application for a youth – so please, talk to the youth, Scouters, and parents around you if you notice a deserving youth (I’m sure we have many more than just three in the council!).

Ian, Hossam, and Peter are amazing youth.

Ian is highly involved within 4th Trafalgar, and consistently volunteers his time outside of Scouting, continually giving back to the community. He has a “can do” attitude and is never afraid to go the extra mile. He gives his tasks and duties the effort and time they deserve, and helps to organize fundraising events, camps, and other events; assists others at school, and participates in research abroad. Ian has a talent for pulling a team together in difficult situations. When faced with a challenge on a lightweight hike, he was able to effectively deal with the challenge and encouraged the team to continue on and finish strong. Ian is described as calm, respectful and honest, and this definitely shines through in everything he have completed so far. Ian – congratulations on your achievement, and I can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future!

Ian Hope receiving his Medal of the Maple award at the CEC Youth Recognition Ceremony.

Hossam is a Venturer with 1st Erindale, and a fantastic youth. What stands out to me is the time that he spends sharing his passion with other youth. He consistently gives his time back to his group – helping with fundraising initiatives, participating in park clean ups, and giving magic shows to younger sections. At camps, Hossam will tell others about the stars in the sky, sharing his astronomy knowledge with those around him. By sharing his passions, he is able spike passion in others and encourage further understanding of these topics. He is always ready to help wherever needed; always ready to learn something new, and always looking for opportunities to share his knowledge and help to teach others. Hossam – congratulations again, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you achieve in the future!

Peter is an amazingly involved youth with 1st Erindale. He consistently gives back to the community. His commitment to volunteering and giving back to the community is unparalleled by anything I’ve ever seen before. Some people struggle to even get the 40 hours you need to graduate high school. Peter has far surpassed that, and is well on his way to 1000. He is always willing to lend a hand, no matter the task. Within Scouting, he often helps to instruct and mentor the younger youth in the group. The time he puts in at camps and events to teach, show, and demonstrate camping concepts is invaluable. Youth teaching youth is a pillar of Scouting, and definitely something Peter takes to heart. The positive influence he has on others inspires and encourages others to also give back, volunteer, and be that positive influence for another. Peter – congratulations on your achievement, and I hope you never stop giving back!


It gives me great pleasure to congratulate these three individuals on their fantastic achievement! I wish you all the best of luck in your future adventures.


Yours in Scouting,

Deanna Di Vito

Central Escarpment Council Youth Commissioner

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