Pass on a Good Turn

In the next day or two, Scouters will be receiving the January/February 2010 edition of Scouting Life magazine and on page 7 they will find an article about our first “Pass on a Good Turn” Campaign.

This campaign is easy.

  1. Do a good turn
  2. Pass on your wrist band to the person you do the good turn for.
  3. As the person to “pass it on” – do a good turn and pass on the wrist band, and keep it going.

Every member doing a good turn means that 100,000 good turns will be passed on. If every person who receives a wrist band does a good turn, we’ll have 200,000 good turns. Of course, if every wrist band got passed on 5 times, we’d be at 500,000 good turns. That would sure get some notice.

Wrist bands will be distributed to Groups through the Area Commissioner.

Good luck passing on a good turn.