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27th Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee

The Credit Hills 3rd Year Cub swim up camp is here! This is it!! The BIG one with 125 events, 5,000 scouts was a big hit with the scouts and cubs last year. Open to Scouts and 3rd year Cubs.

May 6-7-8, 2016 – Visit
Camp Bell, 4926 Hamilton Road Dorchester, ON Google Map Link

Drop off Friday afternoon-evening
Pick up Sunday before noon
Fee $50 includes camp fee, crest, meals, wind, rain, sunshine, a rock concert and FUN! Also our own 2016 Event T-shirt

The Credit Hills group is too large for a deposit only registration so we will have to pay the full registration fee ($24.50) on March 1st 2016. The rest is to cover food and the T-shirt, total $50/person. Each troop will need to bring part of the equipment we will use. We will all camp and eat together in the Otter sub camp.

As this is an international camp we will need a Physical Fitness Form and Permission Form be filled out for each scout plus a Leader Confirmation Form. They are presented at the start of the weekend and returned or destroyed at the end. I will hand in a full list of all attending at registration.

A $50/person cheque payable to Scouts Canada must be received at the Feb 27 Kubkars/Scoutrucks weekend.

Drop off a cheque at the February 27th Kubkar/Scoutrucks Weekend at Huttonville Public School or mail to:
DIBC c/o Warren Jackman
5467 25th Sideroad RR1
Acton, ON, L7J 2L7

Car-pooling is suggested as it is a long distance to Dorchester. Split drop off and pickup with another parent is a suggestion.

Any questions please:
Call 519-853-8282
Text: 905-699-4884


Scouter Warren