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Safety Week begins March 6th! Canada’s Volunteers works hard every day to deliver the best Scouting experience possible, and to ensure that youth are engaged, safe and, most importantly, having fun! The goal of our annual Safety Week is to make it easier for Scouting families to access the resources that will help us all deliver great, safe Scouting adventures throughout the year.

This year’s Safety Week theme is “Outdoor Adventure Skill Safety” and is based on Scouts Canada revitalized program, the Canadian Path. Starting March 6th, 2016, Scouts Canada will introduce a new Outdoor Adventure Skill safety resource produced by our youth leaders, and supported by Scouts Canada. These will be maintained throughout the year to support ongoing safety planning and Group activities. Working together, we will all be better prepared to deliver great, safe Scouting adventures for Scouting families and Volunteers throughout the Scouting year.

During Safety Week 2016, we challenge you to share these resources with your friends, family and community. You can also join the conversation online by using the hashtag #SafeScouting.

Safety Week Daily Themes –

Day 1: Winter Safety
Day 2: Trail Safety
Day 3: Scoutcraft Safety
Day 4: Emergency Safety
Day 5: Paddling Safety
Day 6: Vertical Safety
Day 7: Camping Safety