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Healthy Youth Relationships Training Opportunity

Please note, this offer is only available to Scouting youth ages 18 to 25 in the following Councils: Greater Toronto, Shining Waters, Central Escarpment, Battlefields, and Tri-Shores.
Healthy Youth Relationships
Last chance to sign up for The Red Cross’ Certified Trainer Course

Scouts Canada’s mission is to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. A significant component of success is having the knowledge and ability to negotiate social settings and develop and maintain healthy relationships. Over the past few years there has been a focus on youth relationship issues, including bullying, sexual harassment, consent, etc. The life issues faced by Scouts Canada’s youth members are reflective of those experienced by all Canadian youth.

To support the positive development of youth, Scouts Canada, in collaboration with the Red Cross, is pleased to offer a great training opportunity for Scouting youth — at no cost to youth participants! In the spring of 2016, the Healthy Youth Relationships Train the Trainer course will be offered in Toronto to a limited number of Scouting youth.

The fee for this training course is $450, which will be covered by Scouts Canada. Space for this course is extremely limited, so apply today.


The Healthy Youth Relationships course offers youth the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships and prevent relationship violence. The material from the Healthy Youth Relationships Course will enable our youth to build healthy relationships which will actively contribute to their overall personal development, well-being, and ongoing success.


The training course is 21 hours (three days) in total. After completing the training you will be a certified trainer to deliver the Healthy Youth Relationships Youth Facilitator Training to youth under the age of 18. You then work with Youth Facilitators to deliver the material to other youth in Scouting (ages 13+). Throughout the process you will have access to numerous resources, tools and support to be able to confidently and effectively deliver the material.

An overview of the Healthy Youth Relationship Training can be found online at This document highlights some of the topics covered in the training and what you can expect.


  • The cost of the training course will be covered by Scouts Canada ($450 value).
  • The opportunity to gain the information/knowledge that comes with a well-established and evidence-based program developed by professionals with Red Cross.
  • The opportunity to help youth within Scouting develop skills and knowledge of how to have healthy youth relationships in all areas of their lives.
  • Being a certified trainer is a great addition to a resume.

To participate in this training you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older and in one of the following Councils: Greater Toronto,Shining Waters, Central Escarpment, Battlefields, and Tri-Shores.
  • Able to attend three days of training — April 23, 24 & 30, 2016 at Central Ontario Service Centre in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Able to arrange your own transportation to/from the training.
  • Willing to train a minimum of three Youth Facilitators and then, with the each youth facilitator, lead at least one session within the next calendar year (for a total of 3 sessions).


If you’re interested in signing up for this great opportunity, please send a copy of your resume, along with a cover letter explaining why you’re want to complete the training to: The deadline for submissions is March 21, 2016.

There are limited number of spaces available — a maximum of 10 people can attend. At this time the training will be offered in English only.

Those selected to complete the training will be notified via email by March 28, 2016. Prior to the training you will also be contacted by Red Cross with additional information on the course and other specifics.


If you have any other questions please contact