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CJ 2017 sub-camp chiefs

With our next Canadian Jamboree less than sixteen months away, plans are well underway to prepare for an exceptional participant experience. A significant part of the experience is subcamp life which is where our units will be at ‘home’ for their stay at Camp Nedooae in Nova Scotia.

Similar to the last jamboree in Alberta, we will divide the camp into six subcamps and we need your assistance in helping us find the key volunteers to take on the role of Subcamp Chief for each. Each of these individuals will be a strong leader, able to build and engage a cross-functional team from across the councils they represent, build a vision for an exceptional participant experience, and deliver a fantastic experience for all involved, both participant and volunteer. We will be looking for young volunteers to be a significant part of the team in either the Subcamp Chief role or Deputy Subcamp chief.

At this time, we are seeking nominations for the role of Subcamp Chief in each of our six subcamps. The attached job description will help you understand the responsibilities of the Subcamp Chief.

Each candidate should submit a resume including scouting and other experience related to the role along with a cover letter indicating their interest and what they feel they could bring to the opportunity. All resumes will be reviewed and interview those shortlisted to pick the candidates we feel are best suited to the role.

All applicants should submit their resumes and cover letters to