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What Does Scouting Do For Me

The Scouting movement is founded on 4 principles:
Spiritual development – Duty to God and oneself
Community involvement – Duty to others
Personal development – Leadership development
Outdoor skills – Leading a healthy active life including protecting and being comfortable with our environment
As a parent many of these principles are what we strive to teach our children so that they have a foundation and independence to follow their goals as they grow up.
There are many volunteers in scouting who are more proficient at certain skills or have had the chance to be involved in scouting from a young age. I volunteered as my children were involved and they wanted additional volunteers to help with activities and ratio for safety.
What has developed from that beginning, is friendships with people who have similar likes, beliefs and values and a lot of personal satisfaction.
My first year as a volunteer, we ran a day event teaching the cub scouts (youth aged 8-11) everything they needed to learn about fishing from how to set up a fishing rod, different baits, to causes of pollution in the watershed, capped off by a couple of hours fishing at a public pond. For the majority of the youth this was their first opportunity to fish and actually got to catch their first fish so it was a success! The highlight was one youth who caught four fish, the youth’s parent shared that they have only seen their child be still, patient and focus on one thing for so long once before and that was a computer game. At the end they thanked me shared that they going to have to buy some fishing tackle and take the youth fishing more often!
As a scout volunteer you can influence other adults lives as well not just those of the youth that you volunteer with.
~Dave Scarr, 4th Georgetown Scouts, Credit Hills DAC Learning