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Credit Hills Kub Kar Rally 2016 – The Results

Well race fans, it has been 2 months since the 2016 Kub Kar Rally in Huttonville and I apologize for not getting the results up sooner!

There were many pictures taken of that day and it is so hard to narrow down the ones that get displayed here so my apologies if your favourite is not here.

Firstly – THE RESULTS! (and apologies for any misspelled names)

Race Winners

1st – Bryceson Jevnikar, 1st Acton
2nd – Lucas Galvao, 8th Brampton
3rd – Michael Cation, 4th Georgetown “B” Pack
4th – Liam McDonald, 4th Georgetown “B” Pack
5th – Hunter Burns, 8th Brampton
6th – Alex Lipari, 4th Georgetown “A” Pack


Leaders Choice:  Bryceson Jevnikar, 1st Acton
Cubs Choice:  Dynia McBain, 1st Acton
Most Unique:  John Paulina, 4th Georgetown “B” Pack
Best Effort: Ryan Preston, 4th Georgetown “B” Pack
Flat Tire: Ingrid Rabe, 2nd Brampton
Accuracy: Nicholas Tams-Svenningson, 8th Brampton
Direction: Liam McDonald, 1st Huttonville
Distance:  Aiden Luciani, 1st Acton

Many thanks to Jenn Millington, 6th Brampton Group Commissioner for all of these wonderful pictures – click here for more

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