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Wellington – Thanks and Congratulations

Wellington Area recently held their Volunteer Appreciation Bar B Q and we were able to personally thank a number of members who have contributed so much to what happens in Wellington Area. And Congratulation to everyone in Wellington Area who was recognized for the great work that goes on here. This year – from September 1, 2015, members received:
5 members received 5-year service pins
9 members received 10-year service pins
3 members received 15-year service pins
1 member received a 20-year service pin
1 member received a 35-year service pin

For those of you who are adding this up its amounts to 215 years of service. That’s a fantastic commitment to supporting youth in our community.

As well as the long service pins member also received 70 Certificate of Commendations
And to top that off:
22 members received the Medal of Good Service
7 members received the Bar to the Medal of Good Service
9 members received the Medal of Merit
1 member received the Bar to the Medal of Merit
1 member received the Bar to the Silver Acorn
1 Award of Fortitude was awarded

Because I like statistics I started looking at the amount of time that our 220 members may have put in over the course of a year. If each member puts in the “one hour per week” for 50 weeks that would amount to 11,000 hours of programming for our youth. Realistically with all the commitments made to Scouting, if the average were say 3 hours per week that would amount to a total of 33,000 hours over the course of a Scouting season. I would think that with all the extra activities and camps that happen we are looking at more than 50,000 hours of donated time over the course of one Scouting season.

How many organizations ask that of their volunteers? And how many organizations can brag that members have committed to that many hours gladly and enjoyed every minute of it? I am extremely proud of our membership and the commitment they have made to our youth. I know that every one of our 220 members deserve to be thanked for what they have done. When you see a Scouter say thanks. Better still go to the Wellington Website or the Scouts Canada website, hit the THANKS button and take a minute to thank those Scouters who have committed their time to providing an exciting adventurous time for the youth of Wellington Area


Doug Lemcke
Area Commissioner – Wellington Area
Scouts Canada