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North Waterloo – Thanksgiving Day Parade 2016

The Oktoberfest Parade Food Drive has been very impressed with the Scouts and leaders that have been helping collect food along the parade route  for these many years.  We are looking for volunteers.
We would need approximately 15 + Leaders, Rovers, Ventures  and 30 + youth in total (Scouts some older Cubs – it is a pretty good pace) to work the entire event or lesser numbers could still work a couple of trucks.

The parade is Monday October 10, 2016.   The event runs from about 7:45 AM until the end of the parade (10:30 AM if you are at the front – 11:30 AM if you are at the back).  There are two trucks at the front and one truck at the back.
The route is approximately 5 KM long.  This year because of the LRT construction it is starting In Kitchener and ending at Bridgeport and Weber in Waterloo.
The leaders / adults  would be in the trucks putting collected food in the bins.
The youth would be pushing shopping carts along the route collecting donations and bringing them to the truck to be loaded.
It qualifies for community service for their badge work and is actually a lot of fun.  Anyone interested in participating a can contact me for more information.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to show Scouting in the community.


Mark Panchaud
1st Stanley Park Scouts
Tel: 519-745-1926