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Standard First Aid Course Camp/SFA Skills Camp

Date: October 14th (7:00 pm) to 16th (2:00 pm)
Location: Woodland Trails Scout Camp

Regardless of program option chosen (SFA certification or Skills option) all participants will be mixed together for all sessions throughout the weekend to learn from each other. The only difference between the two groups is the SFA certification / re-certification group will be earning their Standard First Aid + CPR certification whereas the Skills group will not. Successful SFA participants will be presented with their certification at the end of camp during closing ceremonies.

Program is made of a series of stations covering many first aid topics such as CPR, choking, splinting, bandaging, lifts and carries etc…  at various levels (eg: Standard First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, First Responder). There will be participants of various levels of certification in each group. There will be some stations with content outside traditional first aid courses, such as scoop stretcher, backboards etc.

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