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Kitchener Scout Shop Close-out Sale

The Scout Shop close-out sale continues until Saturday December 17th. Lots of stock still remains to be cleared out. Prices are reduced by 20 – 50%.

Some of the current sale items are:

  • 20% off already discounted fleece vests(S,M+L), hoodies M only, adult Packaway jackets( M), youth XS + S  $8.79 – $11.99
  • 25% off activity crests and program badges
  • 25% off girl’s and women’s yoga pants   $15.59 +  $17.99
  • 25% off yoga and activity shorts, youth sizes
  • 25% off red or navy tech t and polo short sleeved shirts  $14.99 + $17.99
  • 25% off tan safari hats, now $ 14.99
  • 30% off remaining sleeping bags, $ 23.09 – $62.99 ( rated for summer or  -10 youth bags), one adult  bag rated for -8
  • 30% off Coleman 5” hose adapter to connect propane stove to bulk cylinders  Now priced at  $29.99
  • 35% off red Joe Fresh uniform shirts, all sizes in stock
  • 35% off all painter style ball caps, various colours, S/M or M/L  sizes  $ 5.84
  • 50% off Badge Magic sheets   – Now priced at  $4.99
  • 50% off Kub Kar decals, canopy and cockpit sets  – Priced $1.99 – $2.49

In stock cast iron Dutch ovens  4 quart 10”  $41.99 ( 1 only), 6 quart 12” $69.99 (4 only) . Also have cast iron, square grill pan $20.79 includes a hot handle mitt ( 4 only). Great for getting “grill marks” on steak, pork chops and sausages.

Please remember to get your orders in for buggies, kars and trucks before Dec.1. The next transfer order is being shipped on Monday, so if you get your order placed online before then it will arrive in Kitchener on Tuesday. The last online order to not have to pay for shipping is Thursday December 1, 2016.

I hope to see everyone over the next thirty days for reminiscing, shopping and socializing. Who knows snacks and  light refreshments may also be served at some point.

I will do my very best until the very end.




Michelle Coyle
Scouts Canada – Kitchener Scout Shop