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Mississauga – Casa Loma Urban Hike

On Saturday January 14, 2017  Mississauga Area has arranged an URBAN HIKE to the magnificent Casa Loma in Toronto.  As if that wouldn’t be excing enough, we will get there by train—the SUBWAY– starting from Kipling Subway station.

There are wonderful resources and details to share about the castle if your section would like to extend their adventures into the regular meetings before or after our “Hike”  …there are just SOOOOOO many possibilities —soooooo exciting ——-and I’m not even a kid!

To make your lives a bit easier at this busy time of year, I’ve also attached a Beaver Notice in docx format so that all you need to do is fill in your specifics and hand out (or email to parents).

2017-flyer-and-registration (doc)

2017-flyer-and-registration (pdf)