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Healthy Youth Relationships Training

Scouts Canada and the Canadian Red Cross have partnered to offer the Healthy Youth Relationships Course to our youth. The course is designed for Scout and Venturer-aged youth, and is in-line with the Ontario curriculum for those age groups. The program covers topics including:

  • building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • dating violence, emotional violence, physical violence
  • consent and sexual violence
  • how to intervene and respond to dating violence
  • promoting healthy relationships

Additionally, the content is presented in an interactive format, where youth will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exercises and activities to reinforce the messages of the program.

I have been trained in the program and am able to both deliver it as well as train youth facilitators to support me in this. Because the course is made up of 12 sessions to be delivered to youth, I do not anticipate that I will be able to organize and deliver the training to a section before the end of this Scouting year. Instead, between now and August 31st, my goal is to recruit and train youth facilitators to be able to support me in delivering the program, and then once we get into the fall, we will be ready to deliver the program to different sections. Because it is made up of 12 sessions of varying lengths, I do not want to deliver all of the sessions through weekly meetings as that would take up a lot of valuable time for your youth. Rather, my plan is for sections who would like to take the training, we can run the first few intro sessions through one or two meeting nights, but then the bulk of the sessions can be done through a weekend camp.

At the moment, I’m keeping the training to sections within Mississauga since that is the most accessible for me at the moment.

With this information, of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I would ask that if you have any Venturers or Rovers who you think might be interested in helping to deliver this training as youth facilitators to please let me know (there is a two-day training piece for facilitators, but it’s mainly just going through the content and becoming familiar with the pieces that the facilitators are able to run). As well, if your sections (Troops or Companies) might be interested in participating in the program, please let me know so we can start planning for the fall when I start rolling this out.

Yours in Scouting,
Alexander Court