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1st Ayr Beavers Hiking Adventure

Written by Mark Hammar, DCC Program for Central Escaprment Council.

At 1st Ayr we have been working out how to incorporate the Canadian Path into our program, and I wanted to share one adventure that we have done trying with the colony to try using the elements of the Canadian Path to improve our scouting.

First the beavers had chosen hiking as one of the adventures that they wanted to do. We had the beavers draw pictures onto large sheets that represented different parts of the beaver map, and hiking was one of the popular choices for an adventure they wanted to do.

Here was how we did the Plan-Do-Review over four weeks:

Week 1 – Plan

  • Played a game to learn about the buddy system on a hike. In pairs, beavers took turn leading each other through an obstacle course with the following buddy being blindfolded.
  • Made lanyards to hold a water bottle for the hike. Decorated water bottles and lanyards so they would have water on the hike.

Week 2 – Plan

  • Discussed clothing to wear on the hike.
  • Talked about the compass. Played North-South-East-West to learn the major points of the compass.
  • Each beaver made their own trail mix in a bag from a collection of different ingredients (raisins, peanuts, yogurt raisins, etc.). These were packed for a Scouter to bring to the hike.

Week 3 – Do

  • Met at the camp and played a gathering game with flashlights.
  • Went on our hike (with water bottles) including a break for snack and a story.
  • Stopped and tried to call owls with a recorded owl song. (none answered)

Week 4 – Review

  • Discussed in lodges three questions (5 minutes):
    1. What was your favourite part of this adventure? walking, snack, story, calling owls,
    2. What didn’t you like about this adventure? Wet, mud, lights off, fog,
    3. What do you know now that you didn’t know before? North/South/East/West, how dark it gets, friendship stops fighting

Overall it was a successful hiking adventure. The beavers all seemed to enjoy the process of planning and even the review. In addition, many of the requirements for the level 1 hiking outdoor adventure skills were learned and demonstrated on our hike. We all seemed to have learned something from the adventure, and we are looking forward to our next adventure which is planning activities for our group camp.

Note: Mark has kids registered with the 1st Ayr Group, he wanted to write a blog post as a sort of case study to show people what his kids have done.