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Appointment – North Waterloo Area Commissioner


We would like to take time to thank Shawn Frederick for his commitment to Scouts Canada as the Area Commissioner for North Waterloo these past four years. His hard work and his strong leadership as placed North Waterloo on a strong footing for attaining the goals for Scouts Canada’s five priorities.

In saying thank you to Shawn we are  also  saying welcome to Harry Niezen who has volunteered to be acting Interim Area Commissioner for North Waterloo. We are  confident in Harry’s leadership for the Area and we would ask you all to support him in his role. In accepting the role harry has outlined his priorities for the Area. We look forward to the future in North Waterloo.

Its been my honour and pleasure to be involved as a volunteer in Scouting since 1975.  I am proud of my contribution to the movement and to its youth members. I have served as  a Section Scouter in each of the 5 core sections.  I also have had the opportunity – for many years – to work at both the Area and Council level: most notably as the Council Commissioner in CEC,  For the last 5 years, I have been working as the Group Commissioner and Beaver Scouter with 30th Kitchener.

As I consider the needs of Scouting within North Waterloo, here are my priorities and it is these areas that I promise to direct my energies toward:

– North Waterloo needs a strong, active and visible Area Support team.  Our Groups and Section Scouters need support from Scouts Canada and the Area team would be the first line of that support.  For example, we need Scouters who can provide our Groups and Section Scouters with support in implementing the Canadian Path.

– North Waterloo has a number of Groups that are at risk of folding due to a lack of volunteers.  We need to create some strategic partnerships so that North Waterloo can continue to offer the programs that are currently available and build a foundation for future growth.

– Scouting in North Waterloo needs to be able to celebrate again.  There is a vibrant history in the Area and there are many active and retired members who deserve to be recognized.  Our members should feel proud to wear the North Waterloo crest on their uniform.

Can one person accomplish all of this?  I do not know.  All I know is that if we do not try, then we can be assured that these goals will not be met.

“We Be of One Blood, You and I”

Scouter Harry 

Please help us in congratulating Harry in his new role and we look forward to what the Future hold for Central Escarpment Scouting and Scouts Canada.

It Starts With Scouts

Deanna DeVito – Central Escarpment Council Youth Commissioner
David Frederick – Central Escarpment Council Commissioner
Ian Foss- Executive Director Scouts Canada