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Volunteer Opportunity – Webmaster Wellington Area

Wellington Area is currently looking for a Volunteer who would like to join the Area Team in the capacity of Webmaster.  This position can be done from your home at times that are best for you.  If you would like to talk more about the position please get in touch and we can arrange to meet.

Area Webmaster

Accountable to: Area Commissioner
Term: Appointed annually by the Area Commissioner.
Time required: 5 to 10 hours per month

Scope of Position:

The Area Webmaster is responsible for effective and appropriate operations of the Area website, electronic communication and other support to membership related to web/tech issues.


  • Assist all volunteers with email capabilities and functions. (Maintain email forwards)
  • Accept, edit, prepare and post contributions from youth, parents, and volunteers. (Post onto the CEC Blog on behalf of Wellington Area)
  • Ensure that the information contained in the Area website is accurate and is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in schedules, activity information, and news articles.  (Area Website Maintenance
  • Hold admin capabilities on Area Facebook pages. Moderate posts if required.
  • Assist groups or section leaders, where required, with implementing electronic communication tools
Doug Lemcke
Area Commissioner – Wellington Area
Scouts Canada