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Everton Summer Camp dates finally here!

Hello Cubs and Scouts of Central Escarpment Council,
We have just finalised the dates for Everton Summer Camp this year. For those cubs and scouts that have attended in the past, you will know this is a great camp, and those who haven’t gone in the past will want to consider going this year. Everton is located just NorthEast of Guelph and was the site of the CCJ camp for those cubs who went last summer.  Below is some information about each camp. 
-Cub camp will be July 9-14
This camp takes place with sleeping and meal accommodations in the cub barn. Activities include archery, swimming, crafts, and jungle time (you will very likely catch crayfish in the river so bring an old pair of shoes). It is a great camp with a lot of campfires and fun. The program is really excellent.
-ACE/Scout camp will be July 16-21
This camp is intended for cubs moving up to scouts (Advanced Camping Experience) and Scouts as well. This also happens out at Everton but camping and eating will take place in the woods on campsites in tents. There is still access to Archery and swimming, so this is also part of the program, and of course campfires and other activities.
As soon as there is any more information about the theme, cost and registration process is available it will be sent out.