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Scouting Life: Boost your Scout Popcorn fundraiser!

This was originally posted on the Scouting Life blog by Jeff Schroeder

Planning to fundraise with Scout Popcorn and looking for some extra materials to help you reach a higher goal?

We’ve put all the materials you need to get your campaign started! Materials like:

  • Order Sheet
  • Incentive Sheet
  • Youth and Group goal setting sheets
  • Thank you notes
  • Printable Posters and other promotional support materials
  • Scholarship form and information
  • A laminated goal tracking your Groups fundraising goal
  • Incentive prizes

The campaign kit will be sent directly to your Area Commissioners or Area Popcorn Coordinators to facilitate their delivery to you! Your Council coordinator will provide further details.

Sign up for your Scout Popcorn Campaign Kit before May 31st to be included!

Find your Council and sign up below:

Battlefields Council Cascadia Council
Central Escarpment Council Chinook Council
Fraser Valley Council Greater Toronto Council
Manitoba Council New Brunswick Council
Newfoundland and Labrador Council Northern Lights Council
Northern Ontario Council Nova Scotia Council
Pacific Coast Council Prince Edward Island Council
Quebec Council Saskatchewan Council
Shining Waters Council Tri-Shores Council
Voyageur Council White Pine Council

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