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Raising public awareness through inclusivity and strong community service

By running a youth-led program driven by community service and engagement, it is no surprise that the 13th Bramalea Group grew 121% over the last Scouting Year! Group Commissioner Matthew Monid was kind enough to chat with Scouts Canada about this achievement and the impact of following the Canadian Path.

“Throwing public events to allow potential members to find out more about our Group played a key role in new youth joining,” said Matthew, “bring a friend and community initiatives also contributed to our large growth.”

At the end of every Scouting year, the Group holds a BBQ for the community that includes Scouting activities for the kids and provides information on the program for parents. Semi-annual Bring a Friend nights also helped. By hosting a table at yearly school open houses, the 13th Bramalea Group was able to reach parents looking for activities for their kids. Using events such as this went a long way in raising the Groups local profile.

13th Bramala Group

“Our priority of building a strong program on the Canadian Path that focuses on youth led activities and community service has been vitally important,” said Matthew, “it is great to see our youth take on leadership roles while giving back to the community.”

The Beavers enjoy putting a smile on the residents of local senior’s homes over Christmas every year. They spend hours making crafts, Christmas ornaments and cards. By taking care of homeless pets at the local animal shelter, they were also able to earn their pet badge. The Group goes above and beyond to give back, their yearly community service also includes garbage clean ups and park adoptions, where they grow food for those less fortunate.

A strong youth led approach wherever possible keeps members coming back! Even Beavers take turns leading activities such as green light red light. Engaging local parents through online advertising and a vibrant Facebook page full of adventure also contributed to increasing numbers.

And of course, you can’t forget the adventure! Frequent visits to the Blue Springs Scout reserve give the Group an opportunity to have incredible outdoor experiences.

A round of applause to the 13th Bramalea Group!

13th Bramala Group

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