Group Commissioner Woodbadge I – November 18

Battlefields Council will be holding a Group Commissioner WB1 course, for all those who need/want to take it on November 18 from 9am – 4pm at Hamilton Scout House. This event is being hosted by the Hamilton-Wentworth Area, and is open to all active Scouters.

In an effort to ensure we are training using the most up to date information, please note that the structure of this course has been modified from past courses.

The prerequisites to attend this 2 part course, will be:
  • Canadian Path WB1
  • Group Committee WB1
(once complete, these will show on your training record as WB1’s)
Please note that Canadian Path Fundamentals does not fulfill the WB1 requirement. The Fundamentals course covers a portion of the WB1.

Part 1 – attend the in person sessions at the Hamilton Scout House
Part 2 – take the online GC course, when it becomes available in late December

When complete, GC’s and others taking the course, will be well equipped to lead and manage their groups.  This course is open to anyone who wants to take it, not just those currently in a GC role.

Although GC’s may not be directly involved in a section, it is expected that they are fully trained, to offer the best support to their section Scouters.

Details on registration, can be found in this event flyer. The cost will be $10.