Indava 2018 Cub Camp – August 12-18, 2017

Hosted by Brant Area
Week long camp that happens once every three years.
A Cub only has one chance in a life time to attend this camp!!
Don’t miss that chance!

White Tail Beavers Transitioning into the Cub Program are now invited to attend as well !!

Place: Camp Impeesa, Drumbo, On

Theme: Pre- Historic Fun

Registration Packages: available on web-site

Cost: $350.00 per Youth, $175.00 per Leader

Includes: Camp Fees, In Camp Programs, Out- trips to Major Attractions,
Busing during, In-Camp Cuboree, All meals, Camp t-shirt, hat, camp crest
(plus a week of incredible memories!)

Out Trips: Ever marvelled at one of the 7 Wonders….??
Ever watch an elephant get a bath?
Ever see a ship’s elevator?
Ever wonder what it would be like to lay on a bed of nails?

And so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crest: There will be a crest design contest.
The winner of the crest contest will receive Half Off their Camp fee………

See contest submission outline on the web-site and submit your entry.

Web Site:

Indava 2018 Registration Package is also included on the Web Site

Indava Registration Contact:
Kim Clarke-Dawdy