See who’s been recognized on your Team

Did you know?

You can find out which Members have been ‘Thanked’ through and see the commendation details.

With the updates to to notify Members by email that they have received a Commendation for their second and subsequent Commendations, some Commissioners have mentioned that they have no idea when their team members are being thanked through the ‘Thanks’ button on  They would like to add their own congratulations, or print them out and make them meaningful to the Member (by reading them out at the meeting, making a binder, etc)

There is an enhancement request for logged, but in the meantime people can use the existing Recognition Report and functionality to find out for themselves.  This can be done for organization units and members you have permission to view in  (For example, a Group Commissioner can do this for all sections in their Group.  An Area Commissioner can do this for all Groups in their Area, etc.)


To see who has received an award in an organization unit (like Group or Area):

  • Log into your account
  • Go to Reports
  • Find the Recognition Listing Report and click the View Report button.
  • Specify the appropriate Report Criteria (For example, specify the Group Organization unit, All Recognition, All Child Organizations, All Primary Organization, Active Members, Volunteer Member Types)
  • Specify the Report Type as Excel and Run the Report
  • Open the generated file in Excel (or equivalent spreadsheet program)
  • Delete the first row (Recognition Received) so that the column titles is the first row of the spreadsheet. (This makes sorting and filtering easier)
  • You can then sort the information to meet your needs. For example,
    • To see everyone who has recently received an award or commendation, sort by Approval Date – Newest to Oldest and look for the date range of interest.
    • To see all awards an individual has received, sort by
      • Last Name – A to Z
      • First Name – A to Z
      • Approval Date – Newest to Oldest
      • Recognition Name – A to Z

So you would see something like

Organization First Name Last Name Member Type Primary Recognition Name Recognition Code Application Date Approval Date
2nd Rubber Boot Pack John Smith Volunteer Yes Certificate of Commendation 1019 02/15/2018 02/15/2018
2nd Rubber Boot Pack John Smith Volunteer Yes Certificate of Commendation 1019 01/27/2018 01/27/2018


To see all the Commendation Details for a Member (when they were thanked, by whom and why), you can go into their record and view their Recognition.

  • Go to the Member’s record in
  • Go to the My Recognition Tab
  • For one of the Certificate of Commendation, click on the View button.
  • The Commendation letter will appear in a modal dialog. At the top of the dialog box, click the List All Commendations button.  The dialog box will then show all the commendations awarded to this Member.  You can copy and paste the material into another application, or print them in one listing.


Please remember that Recognition will only be visible to a member once a Recognition date has been entered into the system.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact the CEC Recognition team through