Changes to Top Section Award Process


Youth in each Section is able to work toward a Top Section Award, a meaningful recognition that celebrates their personal development, progression in Outdoor Adventure Skills, and service to the community—including a service project led by the youth.

The Canadian Path introduced three new Top Section Awards to Scouts Canada’s program: the North Star Award (Beavers), the Seeonee Award (Cubs) and the Canadian Rover Scout Award (Rovers). The Chief Scout’s Award and Queen’s Venturer Award remain the Top Section Awards for Scouts and Venturer Scouts.

To align the Top Section Award approval process with the values and principles of The Canadian Path, a streamlined, youth-led procedure is now in place.

As you will note in the new process outlined below, Councils and/or Areas will no longer be required to approve Top Section Awards.

STEP 1: A youth feels that he or she has fulfilled the requirements for a Top Section Award.

STEP 2: The youth makes a presentation to their Section Leadership Team outlining why they feel they have achieved their Top Section Award.

STEP 3: The Section Leadership either approves the youth’s request for a Top Section Award or provides feedback on any missing pieces.

STEP 4: If the application is approved by the Section Leadership Team, the Group Commissioner is notified.

STEP 5: The Group Commissioner (or Group Registrar) adds the award in the youth’s MyScouts profile.

STEP 6: The Section Scouter a) prints the Top Section Award certificate from, b) purchases a Top Section Award badge, and c) identifies a meaningful recognition ceremony.

Note: For senior youth, a recognition ceremony will likely take place as an Area, Council or provincial/territorial event. For Queen’s Venturer Award certificates, Scouting Service Centres will provide a list of recipients to the recognition administrator at the Scouts Canada Service Centre in Ottawa for the Governor General’s signature. Please allow up to 90 days for processing.

STEP 7: The youth is recognized with the award within their Section or Group. Family and friends should be invited to the ceremony.

To ensure a smooth transition, Section Leadership Teams, Scouters and Group Commissioners (or Group Registrars) will be provided with the necessary resources to ensure youth get recognized for their accomplishment in a prompt and meaningful way.

This process will help all youth appreciate the value of the Top Section Awards, and it will provide Section Leadership Teams with a unique opportunity to further develop the leadership and communications skills of its members. To help youth through the Top Section Award approval process a videoaward log and infographic have been created. Scouters will play a key role in facilitating this process within their Sections as well.

These changes mean that Scouters will take on some additional responsibilities, such as organizing recognition ceremonies (where an Area, Council or provincial/territorial ceremony is not planned), printing certificates and purchasing Top Section Award badges. The following Flow Chart will help guide Scouters through their new role and assist them in facilitating the approval process with their Section’s Leadership Team.

Lastly, new functionality in will allow Group Commissioners and Group Registrars to easily update a youth’s profile to add the appropriate Top Section Award record. This knowledge base article will help guide them through the process.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ’s.

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Canadian Path. If you need more information, have any questions, or wish to provide feedback, please visit the Online Support Centre.