Opportunity – Camping Gear Available to Scouts in Need

Scouts and Scouters,

In support of the ideals set forth by the Worldwide Scouting Movement and in order to promote wilderness camping experiences, Troop 160 Memorial Scout Camp (Pine Tree Council, BSA) has established the MSC Camping Essentials Program. This program makes essential camping equipment available to any scout in need upon the recommendation of his / her scout group leader.

Any scout involved in the Worldwide Scouting Movement is eligible to receive a piece of camping equipment based on the recommendation of their scout group leader…This includes any youth of any gender in any scouting organization. Scouts should be recommended based on financial need. Scouts may only be recommended to receive one piece of equipment per calendar year.

Items available are hiking boots, winter boots, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, and backpacks. If you know a scout in need, go to our website (http://www.memorialscoutcamp.org/msc-camping-essentials-program.html) and fill out our web-based recommendation form today. Recommendations should be completed by the scout group leader, or by another adult who is not in the scout’s family.

Applications are due on October 1

Yours in Scouting,

Jeremy Bernier

Vice Chairman, Troop 160 Memorial Scout Camp