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Standard First Aid – CPR C & AED

Hey everyone! 

Back by popular demand, were offering another first aid course.

Standard first aid with cpr level C includes adult, infant and child cpr, choking and AED use.

Note: we have a 6 participant minimum on this course! And a cap of 20 max participants. Spaces will go quickly, register today!

Registration link -HERE-

CECuboree 2017!

Dear Cub Scouters, Venturers, Rovers and Scouters who may be interested in delivering activities for a great weekend camp,the CECuboree team is pleased to announce our website is live for taking registrations for Cub Packs, and for individuals interested in providing Offers of Service.

You can find it at Packs are encouraged to register early. Space is limited!

For individuals who may be interested in Offers of Service, your assistance is invaluable to delivering our event. We have a number of options available to fit busy schedules if you can only make it for the Saturday, or if you’d like to join us for the whole weekend. If you’d like to help enhance an activity or add one of your own by all means we want to hear from you at

Help us make this an incredible experience for our youth!

Yours in Scouting,

CECuboree Team 2017

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Announcement announcement announcement!

Attention all Packs!


How would you (and your Pack) like to create the next CECuboree? Here’s your chance to share your ideas for the perfect Cuboree with all of the Central Escarpment Council!


Get your thinking caps on and come up with a theme. Then think of some of the exciting adventures that could happen during the camp. Finally flex your creative muscles and design the crest everyone gets to take home. We want to see you use your imaginations!


1. Name and theme for the 2018 CECuboree
2. A list of activities that you think would be fun and exciting to do Cuboree weekend
3. Design a camp crest


Entries will be displayed at this year’s Cuboree during program time on Saturday and each attending Pack will get the opportunity to vote for the one they like best! Winner will be announced at Camp Closing on Sunday June 11th, 2017.

Winning submission will receive a 2018 crest for each member of your Pack at the 2018 camp, a $50 credit for the 2018 event registration for your Pack, invitation to lead camp opening howl, and uber-bragging rights!
All entries must be received by midnight May 27th. 2017. Please include your Scouting Area, Scouting Group, Pack name (in case of multiple Packs), Scouter contact information, and a full colour image of the crest design.

Please submit to contest@cecuboree.scouter.caand reference 2018 CECUBOREE Contest in the subject line.

BSBC Sail School

Interested in learning more about Sailing as outlined on the Canadian Path?  Want to try it first?  Then contact Burlington Sailing and Boating Club Sail School at or 905-631-9291

This 3 hour fun session covers safety, knots and a basic lesson on how to sail.  Cost is $20 per person when you have between 8-15 youth signed up.  The Sail School is a not for profit organization and runs out of LaSalle Park Marina in Burlington.  Session can run from mid May through to the end of June.

White Tail Camp 2017

Saturday May 6th, 2017 – Sunday May 7th, 2017
Starting time:
Approx. Ending time: 11:am
: Chickadee Pavilion, Camp Blue Heron, BSSR
Who should attend: White Tail Beavers & Keeos
Cost: $5 Keeos; $15 Beavers, Scouters & Adults
Deposit required: $50
Registrar: Debbie MacPherson
Registrar’s e-mail:

(NOTE: This e-mail address is for questions only. Do NOT use this address to register.)

Registration deadline: April 1, 2017
Register On-Line:
For more information:

Note: Alternate registrar: Randy MacPherson (

Contest – Design the Official CEC CJ17 Badge

To one and all.

Do you have an Artists soul? Do you want one of your creations to be immortal? Do you want to be able to say with authority “I made that”?

We will be running a contest to create the Official CEC CJ17 badge. A panel of judges will be making the choice. The winner will be given 25 special bordered crests of their design.

Now the details:
1. Contest is open until midnight March 30 2017. Winner will announced April 6th 2017
2. All entries become the property of Scouts Canada.
3. Open to all Central Escarpment Council members of Scouts Canada.
4. Please send all submissions to
5. Design may be modified for colours and size for the official badge.

Good luck to one and all!

Outdoor Adventure Skills Workshops – Coming Soon!

Hey CEC Youth (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers AND Rovers)!

Have the Outdoor Adventure Skills got you interested in one (or more!) skills that you want to work on, but aren’t sure where to start? If so, we’ve got you covered! We’re working to organize skills workshops that will focus on the Outdoor Adventure Skills and will be open for all youth to attend. Not only will you be able to learn or develop these skills, but it will also be an opportunity for youth who have these skills to help mentor other youth. Our goal is to have the first workshop planned for the Fall, but in order to do that we need your help! We want to know what Outdoor Adventure Skills YOU are most interested in working on! Click here to answer a quick survey to tell us which skills you are most interested in, and that’ll help us to decide which OAS our first workshop will focus on!

(What are Outdoor Adventure Skills? They are an invitation for Scouts to try something new—to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while always staying within their capabilities to stay safe. In short, it’s about having life-changing experiences. They are also able to be developed from Beavers all the way to Rovers, so youth can develop their skills as they progress along the Canadian Path!)

If you’re interested in helping us organize the workshops, or have a specific skill(s) that you can help mentor, let us know! There’s a spot at the end of the survey where you can leave your email so we can get in touch with you!

Your CEC Youth Development Committee

Scouting Life: 5 Reasons Volunteering with Younger Sections Can Help You Grow

This was originally posted on the Scouting Life blog

What comes to mind when you think about volunteering with Beavers and Cubs? While at first glance it may seem like glorified daycare, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye – and I mean a lot more.

  1. The Happiness Effect: Let’s start with the obvious. There are many studies that examine the relationship between helping others and being happy. It has been proven that the more people volunteer, the happier they are. Beaver and Cub Scouts is all about having fun, so as a Volunteer you have a guaranteed 1.5 hours a week of facilitating those fun adventures and making yourself happier in general.
  2. Leadership Ability: When you’re volunteering with younger Sections, you’re responsible for managing people. Not a lot of teenagers get to say they’ve been in that position and it will come in handy for the rest of your life, guaranteed. When you’re putting together your resume, make sure to include details of your management experience as a Scouter. For example, as a Scouter with Beaver and Cub Scouts you facilitate program, manage the behaviour of the youth in your Section, and support leadership team meetings. This is sure to get a hiring manager’s attention. The University of British Columbia recently released their rubric for broad-based admission and it noted, specifically, a preference for applicants who have been in leadership positions and can give examples of situations where they demonstrated leadership ability. Volunteering with younger Sections will give you endless examples of your leadership abilities for essays and interviews, setting you apart from the crowd of applicants.
  3. Getting out of Your Comfort Zone: You’ll occasionally be asked to do things you’ve never done before like gathering a group of twenty Beavers or comforting a Cub having an panic attack. Many of these situations will provide you with life skills to call upon in the future and the opportunity to learn things you may not have otherwise. If you have trouble with public speaking or are shy in general, this is a great way to start building your confidence.
  4. Continuous Learning: This is a very important ‘transferable skill’ you will use in higher education and/or your job. We are living in the Information Age where all industries are in a constant state of development and almost everyone has access to the internet. If you’re not in the habit of continuously updating your skills you will always be replaceable, so it’s a good idea to start accumulating knowledge and experience as early as you can.
  5. Networking: This final reason isn’t very obvious. I mean, sure, part of volunteering with Scouts Canada is the sense of community and the opportunity to make friends, but in the younger Sections you are also showing the parents of these kids what you are capable of. You may begin by getting babysitting or lawn-mowing jobs, but one day you might happen to know the CEO of the firm where you would like to secure a co-op placement or a job because his or her child was in your Section. People pay money to get these kind of opportunities – to get to know accomplished people and acquire a mentor – and you’re getting these opportunities every week while you showcase your skills.

Interested? Talk to your Group Commissioner and find out which Section needs you – they’ll be happy to have the extra help and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour!

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CJ Pre-Camp for CEC and GTC Patrols

Hello CJ2017 Participants…

This note is going out to all CJ Patrol Contact Leaders, Offer of Service, Council Key 3, ASM’s and Area Commissioners. Chris Case has forwarded this same note to his team in GTC. Please distribute widely.

Chris and I are pleased to announce that the Central Escarpment Council and the Greater Toronto Council CJ Support Team have booked Everton Scout Camp for our Pre-Jamboree Camp. We anticipate having about 80 Patrols participate in the weekend which means there will be up to 800 Youth, Volunteer and Offer of Service participants involved in the event!
The camp will run from Friday June 2 – Sunday June 4 and all CJ Participants are expected to attend. This will be your opportunity to see what it will be like when you arrive at Camp Nedooae. At Everton, we will do our best to simulate the pack-in, set-up, tear-down and load-out to ensure that you have the time to make any changes to your set up.
In addition, we will run Saturday Activities just like a “Day at CJ” with a wide range of fun activities. We will also make sure that all Participants become familiar with some of the unique Jamboree activities such as Badge Trading.
Please SAVE THE DATE June 2 – 4, 2017. Additional information will be coming your way by mid-March. 
ASM’s and AC’s please forward to your Group Commissioners to pass along to any interested parties who have not yet registered for CJ!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Byce for CEC Patrols ( / 647.478.8097) or Chris Case for GTC Patrols ( / 416.659.7231).
If you are an Offer of Service, we will be calling on you to assist us with the Camp, just as you will be at CJ.
Thanks for your time.
Regards…Rob Byce & Chris Case
CJ2017 / WJ2019 Service and Support
Greater Toronto Council & Central Escarpment Council
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