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David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility

I am pleased to invite nominations for the 2018 David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility. This award recognizes Ontarians who have gone above and beyond to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

Recipients can include individual volunteers or organizations that have made outstanding contributions and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment in the advocacy and promotion of accessibility and disability issues.

To submit a nomination for this award:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Inclusion Category
  3. Click on David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility.
  4. Download the PDF form.
  5. Read the eligibility criteria and instructions carefully.
  6. Fill out the form, then submit it no later than December 3, 2017. Instructions for submitting your nomination package can be found on the website.

If you have any questions, contact the Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat:

Phone: 416-314-7526
Toll-free: 1-877-832-8622
TTY: 416-327-2391

Thank you for supporting this program and for your interest in promoting accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities.

Tracy MacCharles
Tracy MacCharles

2017 CEC Popcorn Kick-offs

It’s here!  Each Group is encouraged to have 2 representatives at one of these Popcorn Kick-offs to enjoy the fellowship and take part in fun yet informational training:

  • What’s new in 2017
  • Important Sale dates to remember
  • 2017 Group Kick-off package
  • Prizes

4 Locations and Dates to choose from:

  • Tuesday August 22nd 7:00 – 9:00pm
    Kitchener Scout House (upstairs)
    844 Frederick Street, Kitchener
  • Thursday August 24th 7:00 – 9:00pm
    Erindale Presbyterian Church
    1560 Dundas Street West, Mississauga
  • Thursday September 7th 7:00 – 9:00pm
    John’s Anglican Church
    2464 Dundas Street, Burlington
  • Saturday September 9th 9:30 – 11:30am
    Hillcrest United Church
    8958 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown

Please RSVP your attendance by using the link:


Want more?  Join us for an additional Workshop to learn how to take it to the next level!

  • How to run a successful Fundraiser
  • Share ideas & success stories
  • How to use Group Level incentives
  • Saturday September 9th 11:30am-1:30pm.
    Hillcrest United Church.
    8958 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown
  • Please RSVP for this session with the above link as well.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact CEC Popcorn Co-ordinator Mike McCoy (

Thanking A Volunteer Directly Through

Did you know?

You can ‘Thank’ someone directly to their volunteer profile through

  • Log into your account
  • Find the person you want to recognize in
    • For example, use the ‘Find an Individual’ link, or Navigate through your Section to the person’s record.
  • On the left-hand side under Admin Options, click the ‘Add Commendation’ link.  The ‘Add Commendation’ modal dialog box will pop up.
    • The Individual Name field should already be filled in with the person you are recognizing.
    • In the Application Date, fill in the approximate date of service you are recognizing them for (for example, the date of the meeting, activity or event), or fill in today’s date if you don’t know.
    • In the Comments field, describe in 3-4 sentences the outstanding act or service the person has performed and the impact on you, the Youth or the community.  You have 450 characters to work with.
    • Leave the Recognition Name as ‘Certificate of Commendation’
    • In the Nominator Field, put in the name of the person making the commendation.  If you wish, you could add the relationship to the person being recognized in brackets.  For example,
      • Linus van Pelt (Fellow Scouter)
      • Woodstock (Cub Scout)
      • Big Bird (Parent)
    • Click Save to send the commendation on for approval.

Note – the Application Date, Comments and Nominator fields are used the same way as if you had entered the commendation through the website and will appear on the Commendation Letter.  By adding the commendation through, there’s no confusion which person the commendation is being made for, and the approval process will be faster.


Albert Fuchigami
Central Escarpment Council Support Team

Scouting Life: ScoutSafe App — Helping our Scouting youth stay safe

This was originally posted on the Scouting Life blog

At Scouts Canada our mission is clear: To help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. In order for us to achieve our mission, we must provide a safe environment for our youth members to grow and flourish. Safety is not only part of what we do, but a part of who we are as an organization.

As the largest youth serving organization in Canada, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to youth safety and culture. We have taken strides to be at the forefront of youth safety in Canada, and we have developed strategic safety partnerships that help us deliver best-in-class safety training to our members.

As part of Scouts Canada’s Safety Leadership priority, we are pleased to introduce a new resource to our safety program. ‘ScoutSafe’ is Scouts Canada’s new Incident Reporting App and electronic management system. Scouts Canada will be the first youth serving organization in Canada to apply this type of technology towards providing a safer environment for youth and Volunteers.

For me, the best part of ScoutSafe is how excited our youth and Youth Commissioners are about the App. They love the idea of having fun adventures, while staying safe.

Caitlyn Piton, National Youth Commissioner

The ScoutSafe App will make it easier for Scouters, parents and youth to report safety incidents as they happen, enabling our Safe Scouting team to respond to incidents in a more timely and proactive manner. ScoutSafe will not only help with incident reporting, but it will also help Scouts Canada maintain safer facilities for our youth members and Volunteers to enjoy.

The Scout Safe incident reporting app is a welcome step-forward that addresses the need for real-time reporting and further enhances our ability to learn from incidents.

Mark Little, Chinook Council Commissioner

ScoutSafe is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. As a Volunteer, parent, youth or staff member, you can join us in achieving our Safety mission by downloading the App to your smartphone or tablet. Simply click the icon below to download your free version:

Please note: ScoutSafe is an addition to the already existing reporting methods that include email, fax, and direct mail, which will continue to operate as usual.

To find out more about Scouts Canada and Safety, please visit:



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North Waterloo – Looking for a hot tent or stove

Our Troop has indicated they would like to try a hot tent this winter.  We have 11 youth and 3 Scouters but may link up with another small Troop.  We may have access to a 10 man tent but no stove.

Does anyone have either a stove we could borrow or a large hot tent with stove we can borrow?

Contact – Thanks!



Philippe Bertrand

Troop Counsellor, 1st Elmira Scout Troop