Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Badge


The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrated in 2012. Our Scout promise speaks of our Duty to the Queen. As Queen of Canada the sovereign represents the general authority of our Government. Our duty to the Queen encompasses our duty to our country, its laws and constitution. Her Majesty has given sixty years of Service to Canada and her other realms and dominions. Be part of the Jubilee, join in the celebration! To honour her Diamond Jubilee Scouts Canada has created the special crest pictured here. The crest will be available through the Scout Shops beginning January 2012 or may be ordered from the Kitchener Scout Shop.

Price will be $5.00 plus $0.65 HST where applicable. If you order from the Kitchener Scout Shop you will need to send a stamped self addressed return envelope so that we can get it to you by Her Majesty’s Postal Service.