Recognizing Volunteer’s Years of Service

Did you know?

Scouts Canada has an awards program recognizing Years of Service (YoS) for its Volunteers in 5 year increments.

The system has changed so that Groups can track and recognize when their Volunteers are eligible for the 5, 15, 20, 25, etc recognition.

  • Groups can download the appropriate YoS Recognition Certificate and letter from and fill in information about the recipient. (Note – this link will be updated when these files are made available on the Scouts Canada website)
  • Groups can choose to purchase the appropriate YoS pin from the Scout Shop.
    (Search for ‘Yr Service’ on the Scout Shop Site –
  • Pick an appropriate time and place to present the recognition.
  • For now, email to let us know that the recognition has been presented. Eventually, will be updated so Group Commissioners/Group Registrars can enter this information into the recipient’s record themselves (similar to how they can enter Top Section Award recognition.)

A couple of other points:

  • The 10 Year Service Medal will still be processed at the Council level.
  • Scouts Canada Members who have volunteered with other WOSM organizations or the Girl Guides of Canada can count those volunteer years after they have been a Scouts Canada member for at least 3 years.  Simply enter these years in the recipient’s record under Non-Entered Years. (Note – volunteer service with those organizations cannot overlap with being a Scouts Canada Volunteer).
  • In some cases, Windows Operating System security will mark PDFs downloaded from the Internet as “unsafe” and you cannot fill in the
    Template PDF. To avoid this, please right click on the downloaded file and select the “Properties” menu item. You should see a “Security” section at the bottom of the “General” tab with an “Unblock” button . Click the “Unblock” button and then open the PDF.
    (Other operating systems may have their own security policies)

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