Credit Hills Area Kub Kar Rally


March  6  +  7 – 2020



Welcome to this year’s rally!  We are planning an exciting program that will provide many lasting memories!

This newsletter will start with information common to all age groups, and follow with information specific to each section. Generally speaking the event will be as it has been in the past, but for the benefit of new Scouters, the format will be reviewed. This will be a Scouting uniform event, and proper behavior is required from all.

To prepare your group for the rally, the Scouters should make a list of names of the racers as well as fees. Try to have a meeting prior to the race day to weigh the cars, and run them on your track. Beaver buggies will not be weighed; the day is for fun only. We are maintaining the same fees as in previous years, with Beavers being $12.00 and Cubs and Scouts $15.00. This fee will include lunch for every youth, a crest, and a chance to win an area trophy. There will be other activities for each age group.

We will have events for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, with a canteen central to all for food. Cubs and Scouts will get 2 hot dogs, chips and a drink. Beavers will get 1 hot dog, chips and a drink.  We will have veggie dogs and Halal hot dogs available.  Please advise us in advance of any special needs.  The canteen will also have food for sale to parents and visitors including hot dogs, drinks, chips and chocolate bars.

There will be car parking available around the school.



The Beaver Buggie  events will run Saturday morning March 7-2020 from 9:00 until 12:00. This will be a non-competitive race where the Beavers will run their car often down the track.  Additionally we will have some other crafts and activities for the youth.  There is always room for more activities, so please contact me if you would like to contribute something. We will have funds to cover the costs of purchasing supplies for the estimated 100 Beavers who will attend. The morning will end with lunch for all.



The Kub Kars can be weighed in Friday night March 6-2020 between 7:00 and 8:30. Late last minute registration is available for individuals on Saturday morning before 8:30 at the Huttonville school. . Racing will start around  9:00 Saturday morning  and we usually finish by 3:00.

The Cub rally is the original section that started these races. We will have an estimated  100 Kars out for the day. The Cubs will have 2 events, the track and the mats.  On the track, the Kars roll to the finish line in a few seconds, and a computer program keeps track of the times.  After several heats, we are able to determine who qualifies for the final run off.  On the mat events, the youth are able to roll their kars towards targets and collect points for where they land.  The most accurate shooter will receive a trophy to remember the day.

During the lunch break the Cubs will have a chance to vote for their favorite kar design, as will the leaders. Two youth will receive a trophy for best design as selected by their peers and their leaders.

Remember to check the Official Kub Kar Rules for guidelines, specifications and other useful information.



The Scout truck races will start at 12:00 on Saturday.  Please note that they are to have a pivot point and not be unibody. There is a link to the rules in this post. Trucks will be weighed in Friday night March 6-2020 between 7:00 and 8:30 at the Huttonville school.

The Scouts will run several heats and have a chance to will a trophy for quickest time. The youth will also be voting for the best design, as will the Scouters.

Help from Scouters to set up and clean up is always appreciated.  Tables and chairs have to be  moved about, and the track packed up for next year.  Please try to have someone  stay until the end.

Remember to check the Official Scout Truck Rules for guidelines, specifications and other useful information.




Scouter Brent Collier

Race  coordinator