Finding our under-recognized volunteers

Did you know?

All Scouts Canada Volunteers are eligible for Outstanding Service Awards (OSA)!

Volunteers are considered for Scouts Canada’s Outstanding Service Awards (OSA) based on their contributions to Scouting Youth and helping meet Scouts Canada’s National Priorities, no matter what role they volunteer in. Usually they are flagged based on the Commendations they have received through the Thanks system, but sometimes people fall through the cracks.

If you think someone is an under-recognized Scouter (based on the work they’ve done, they should be considered for an OSA), you can contact your Council Recognition Team to flag them for review.

  • Sometimes no one has put in any commendations for them, so we are unaware of the work they have done.
  • Sometimes the Scouter has commendations, but they’re all along the lines of ‘Thank you for taking me to camp’ or ‘You’re a great Baloo!’ Although they are fun commendations, they aren’t ones that would alert us to review them for higher level awards.
  • Sometimes they are on track for the next OSA they are eligible for. (The higher level awards require more contribution than the lower levels such as the Medal for Good Service)

We may need information on what the Scouter has done and ask you to enter commendations for them. The following blog posting on Good Commendations will help give you an idea of what to include to help us understand how they have helped Scouting Youth. (

For Central Escarpment Council, you can contact Albert Fuchigami ( or the Recognition Team at

Albert Fuchigami
Central Escarpment Council Support Team